domingo, 14 de abril de 2013

Muro embotellado

Os copio aquí de manera literal, porque me ha fascinado, el post de homesthetics acerca de casas construídas con botellas de plástico; arquitectura sostenible y ecológica, tan necesaria en cualquier rincón del mundo.

Plastic Bottle House by D.A.R.E

Plastic Bottle House  by D.A.R.E
Sounds a little like an art project right? Maybe , but it`s actually much much more than that. D.A.R.E stands for Development Association for Renewable Energy, and they came up with the idea. Plastic bottles are pretty much the slowest biodegradable thing you will ever throw in your garbage can. So if they  last so much why not build something with them? That`s what D.A.R.E thought I guess. The bottles are filled with earth or sand(preferably sand) , joined together at the neck by strings and cimented together with mud. This creates and incredibly sturdy , stable and lasting structure. The first house built this way is in Nigeria, where it solves another two big problems : the lack of housing, and the millions of plastic bottles laying around in rivers, on the streets etc. To make things even better, the project is designed to be self sustainable and will use solar panels, water filtration and a whole range of other eco toys.
Due to the building technique the house also provides an ideal thermal comfort, and is virtually bulletproof. That might come in handy in parts of Nigeria and the African continent for that matter.
01b Plastic Bottle House  by D.A.R.E
pbh2 Plastic Bottle House  by D.A.R.E
Nigeria bottle house 2 Plastic Bottle House  by D.A.R.E
03b Plastic Bottle House  by D.A.R.E
04b Plastic Bottle House  by D.A.R.E

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